EXTREME BUSINESS SOLUTIONS provide training across various disciplines.

1All company disciplines

Companies may approach us to provide training in any area to their staff in any discipline

Orientation regarding a specific company and its ethos is also provided

2Training regarding business rescues and launching new companies

Untrained staff has been described as one of the biggest problems in unsuccessful businesses

We provide training for staff and owners to ensure synergy


This training relates to the buying, selling, renting of or investing in commercial, industrial and residential properties

It includes training regarding the management of mortgages

Property development is also addressed

4Motivation and team-building

This is a well-known phenomenon and necessary for optimal functioning. COME! LET Extreme motivate you!

5Life Coaching

We have developed our own life and business coaching models. These are of the highest standard and will transform your life irrevocably. You can also train to become such a coach through Extreme Business Solutions.