We would like you to know and understand our
Life and Business Motto’s

I absolutely believe in God

I absolutely believe in myself

I know and respect my limitations

I live my life to the full

And I dare to dream the impossible


'There are a few things about our business that you must know! Without this knowledge you may be confused and it may hamper interaction with us.
We are a company that thinks outside the box and we hate being put inside a box because we don’t belong there! A few principles are of the highest importance to us and if these are not understood, your dealings with us may be disappointing.


Extreme Business Solutions does not do business with greedy people!
1.1 1.1 We work by invitation only. Based on this we may decide to terminate doing business with anyone.
1.2 1.2 We are not corruptible. This is because money is not the ultimate goal, but rather a holistic business service that we want to offer you through a business relationship. We don’t want to simply generate money for a client lest he/she becomes greedy, but rather to live a fulfilled life full of joy. For this reason we assist a client to sort out priorities, if need be.


One has to acquire knowledge, but a lack thereof will not jeopardise a deal, as we specialise in providing it.


Our clients need discipline, but again a lack thereof will not jeopardise a deal, as we specialise in cultivating it in our liaison with clients.


We do not meet new clients via telephone or emails. We still value personal contact and you may therefore, not do business with us before a personal meeting has taken place. Irrespective of where you live in the country, we will travel to meet you and after this meeting further contact may be via media. We do, however, insist on regular contact and would like to keep personal contact. This is because our clients are not just numbers or names, but valuable and appreciate people.


The most salient point: If you do not want to hear about Jesus Christ, you should not do business with us, as this business is fully dedicated to Him. Although we are not Bible punchers, we WILL witness about God’s grace towards us. We will live this in order to bring this testimony.
Post Script: This does not mean that we may not make inadvertent mistakes as we are human – humans who are deeply in love with our Father. If we make mistakes we will appreciate it if these are pointed out to us; we can subsequently apologise and set them right. We are at all times open for discussion and convictions that fit into our model..


We are adamant that clients realise that no deals whatsoever will be done in an underhand way, especially as far as tax evasion is concerned. We view so-called shielded income from SARS as nothing less than theft. This should not even be considered and we would rather teach you legal ways of providing for meeting your obligations as far as tax is concerned so that this does not become a burden.


The business solutions offered focus on enabling our clients to most efficiently utilise their hard-earned income.